History of Fabrics

Immerse yourself in the universe of our Tunisian fabrics with the great historian Abdessatar Amamou. You will discover their origins, their meanings, our ancestral know-how, and the traditions of Tunisia weaving.

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The weaving of wool in Tunisia

History of Bakhnough

History of Harem and Jebba

History of cotton in Tunisia

The Tunisian Mharma

The weaving of palm leaves

Weaving of the camel’s wool

Weaving of tunisian goat fur

Beskri and Harem weaving

El Khiz: The wool of the sea

Weaving of the fennec coat

Linen Weaving in Tunisia

The weaving of Hayek in Kairouan

Ajar: The silk dyed in black

The Sakrouda fabric: La seta cruda

The Tunisian fabric: Garmassoude

The Manufacture of the fabric in Tunisia

The Safsari and fashion in Tunisia