Returns and refunds

Emna Hussein offers this protection each time a transaction is carried out on the site, in the event that the buyer notices a defect or non-conformity of the purchased item with the description on the site or not in accordance with the order already registered on the site

Return and refund on Emna Hussein When a purchase is made on the Emna Hussein website, the buyer has a duration of 48hours after delivery, to report any problem with his order. The buyer can make the complaint by email and by sending us photos explaining the nature of the problem or contact us by phone. The Emna Hussein team verifies the claim, and in case of validation of the return, will send a delivery person to pick up the item and ensure the refund to the buyer. Once the claim has been validated, the buyer must be available immediately when the delivery person contacts him to pick up the item in question. Otherwise, the item will not be returned to the Emna Hussein team and the buyer becomes the owner of the item and agrees that Emna Hussein will not refund the price of the item. If the buyer is available and ships the item on time, Emna Hussein undertakes to reimburse the buyer.

What is covered by protection: If any of the following relate to the order, the return request will be accepted by Emna Hussein:

– Damaged item(s)

– Missing item(s)

-One or all of the items received do not match the order placed on the website.

-The item is different from the description made on the website.

If no claim is made within 48 hours after delivery, the refund will no longer be effective. All sales are finalized and no refunds will be made. When an item is returned to Emna Hussein, the team has 5 days to process the buyer’s complaint.

What is not covered by the protection:

– The item is not suitable or the buyer decides the item is simply not to his taste or does not suit him, Emna Hussein, unfortunately, cannot accept a return.

Return of the article: Emna Hussein will reimburse the Buyer for the price of the item he has paid. Shipping costs remain the responsibility of the company Emna Hussein when the item does not conform to its description. The refund will be made by bank transfer. The buyer must provide proof of his identity: the CIN (national identity card) and the RIB (bank identity statement). In any case, the refund of the Buyer will be made within ten working days from the date of validation of the reshipment to the Emna Hussein team.

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