Secure Payment

Online payments via the site are provided by the GPGpayment platform. GPG is a secure transaction management service.

The Buyer may pay:

– Cash on delivery

– By credit card

– By e-dinar card

1) In the case of payment by credit card, the provisions relating to the fraudulent use of the means of payment provided for in the agreements concluded between the Consumer and the issuer of the card between the Emna Hussein Company and its banking institution shall apply.

2) The data recorded by GPG on behalf of Emna Hussein constitute proof of all commercial transactions between the buyer and Emna Hussein.

3) The collection of the information of the Credit Card Buyer is ensured by GPG. The backup of this information is done in any case with the consent of the Buyer, on the GPG server.

4) This information is strictly confidential and is 100% secure. Under no circumstances does Emna Hussein store or have access to the buyers’ bank details.