Image coaching for Business

For a company to grow, it must, among other things, master its brand image. Because if the image is bad, the company will struggle to prosper. Corporate image consulting will not only help managers but also employees to convey a strong image.


Applied in companies, image coaching business guides employees in adopting a new professional image. In line with their personality, but also the DNA, values ​​, and communication of the company.

In order to give the best, we propose professional image coaching in groups and one-to-one sessions after.

We will talk about image coaching, colorimetry, body shape, and personal and professional style.


Do not hesitate to contact us, the prices of the Image Consulting packages and coaching services are specially designed and adapted to your situation. (on estimate)

More professional activities

We propose also team-building activities in groups for professional events, workshops events and personal image coaching.

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