How to wear the jumpsuit?

As you certainly know, the jumpsuit is one of the essential pieces to have in your dressing room. The jumpsuit comes in several ways: oversized, fitted, asymmetrical, etc. But rest assured: It is very easy to wear and self-sufficient. But beware, this does not mean that you should not pay attention to the rest of her look. Accessories are essential to guarantee a very stylish look. The editorial staff has concocted some tips and advice for you on how to wear the jumpsuit.

The jumpsuit for work:

For work, the jumpsuit is perfect. Opt instead for a straight cut and sober colors: navy blue, black, white, beige or gray. But nothing prevents you from putting on high heels in a vitamin color!

For example, if you fall for an overall style model, play with jewelry to accentuate the girly side.

The Jumpsuit for Tall:

She’s perfect for you, you lucky ones! When you have a tall silhouette, wearing a long jumpsuit is the most becoming way to highlight your long legs. You can also wear your jumpsuit with flats or espadrilles for a casual look. The must remains to associate the jumpsuit with sandals with or without small heels and to accessorize it for even more femininity. When you are slender it is also important to “break” your long silhouette by opting for a jumpsuit model that is wide at the bottom but close to the body at the top.

The jumpsuit for the short ones:

Opt for a jumpsuit instead. Petites should avoid wearing jumpsuits, as this style crams you in and therefore will make you look even more petite (“too bad!”). Better to opt for a fitted wetsuit model. The good idea: reveal your legs and shoulders to ventilate the silhouette and choose a playsuit with a delicate print such as polka dots, gingham and liberty. Say goodbye to big prints that will puff out your silhouette even more! To gain height, the playsuit is associated with heeled sandals or wedge sandals.

The jumpsuit for plumpers:

Instead, opt for fluid fabrics and avoid thick fabrics at all costs, which will give you extra volume! Also wear shoes with thick or square heels that will lengthen your silhouette. Also opt for a pretty open V neckline to highlight the chest. Regarding the colors, choose rather plain, dark colors that will refine you.

The jumpsuit for fuller busts:

Opt for a classic neckline, shallow so as not to look vulgar but which still exposes the chest, otherwise you will look like you are suffocating in your wetsuit!

The jumpsuit for flat chests:

To you the plunging neckline, it’s ultra sexy! But be careful all the same to measure the sexy elements: XXL neckline up to the navel + sandals with very high heels = Too much!

The jumpsuit for the marked size:

Big lucky ones! It’s in your best interest to show off your hourglass figure! Mark it with a belt, a ribbon, … especially if you have curves, it highlights your ultra-feminine silhouette and will avoid the illusion of a “block” silhouette.

The jumpsuit for the H body type:

You do not have a marked waist, prefer a low-waisted jumpsuit rather than marking a waist that is not present enough and will risk thickening your silhouette.

There you go girls, I hope this article helps you choose your jumpsuit!

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