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Reveal your personality and style with our expert! 

Sympathy, kindness and empathy, this is how she describes the accompaniment of the people she coaches.

Reveal your personality and style with our image expert certified in France! 

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Image Assessment

The image assessment allows us to get to know each other during a friendly exchange around a coffee. This assessment is offered if you decide to choose one or more services. It allows us to take stock of your current situation: your environment, your personal and professional life, your lifestyle, and your habits.
It allows us to become aware of the message that your image sends today, in your personal and/or professional life. Is it in harmony with your personality?

Duration: 30 min
Price: Free if it is within the framework of a service or 50 dt if it’s only a full assessment appointment. 

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Style Analysis

The analysis of the style is to discover your style according to your lifestyle, personality and know how to manage it, it is to be able to express you through the garment. The session consists of discovering together your styles and how to embellish them. A personalized assessment will be given at the end of the service.




Duration: 1h30 min
Price: 140 dt

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The colors will have no secrets for you. During the colorimetry session, you will know which color palette sublimates your complexion the most. The 12-season method allows you to define the range of colors that highlight you, in accordance with your complexion, hair and eyes. A personalized assessment with your color palette will be given to you at the end of the service.


Duration: 60 min
Price: 100 dt

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Body Morphology

analyse morphologique emna hussein

The analysis of your body morphology consists in identifying the assets and knowing how to better highlight them. Depending on your body lines, your image coach will advise you what shapes and combinations of clothing and accessories will enhance your figure.


Duration : 60 min
Price : 100 dinars

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Facial Morphology

The analysis of your facial morphology allows you to understand your face’s specificities and will guide you on the choice of glasses, the haircut and the hairstyle that will embellish your face. A personalized assessment on morphological advice will be given to you at the end of the service. 



Duration : 45 min
Price : 80 dinars

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Colorimetry and auto-makeup

morphologie et automaquillage emna husseinColorimetry analysis consists of determining your color range and adapting the right colors for a personalized auto-makeup session. The session includes sorting out your makeup kit to teach you the basic techniques of day makeup.
Your image assessment to discover you and analyze the objectives to be achieved is offered.



Duration: 1h45
Price: 180 dt

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