3 steps to know your morphology

Here are three easy steps to determine your body type. You just need to bring a tape measure and wear fitted clothes or stay in underwear. If the exercise seems difficult for you to do on your own, you can get help from a friend.

  • Step 1: Look in the mirror and analyze your figure.

Here are the 3 points of attention:

The first question to ask yourself: Are the shoulders and hips in the same alignment?

The second question to ask yourself: Does the size seem to be marked?

  • Etape 2 : Confirmez les conclusions faites à l’étape précédente. 

For this, you must measure yourself with a tape measure and measure the shoulder circumference, the waist circumference and the hip circumference.

It will then be necessary to analyze the measurements made using the tape measure:

To know if the size is marked or not, it will be necessary to make a small simple calculation. If your shoulder circumference and hip circumference are not substantially the same, you take the larger of the 2 previous measurements and you will subtract it from the measurement of the waist circumference that you have already taken during the first step.

*If the difference is between 0 and 19 cm: The size is not marked.

*If the difference is 20 cm or more: The size is marked.

Etape 3 : Déterminer sa morphologie

Once these steps are done, it is now very easy to determine your morphology.

There are 4 main categories: H, X, A or V.

  • H bodyshape:

*Shoulder circumference = hip circumference

*The shoulder circumference (or hip circumference) – waist circumference is between 0 and 19 cm (size not marked): You have an H morphology.

That is to say that the 3 points of attention are more or less aligned.

  • Morphology in X:

If you have the shoulder circumference = Hip circumference and the size is marked: You have the morphology in X.

  • A-shaped morphology: I

If you have a shoulder circumference < hip circumference: you have an A-shaped or triangle-shaped morphology.

  • V-shaped morphology:

If, on the contrary, you have a shoulder circumference > hip circumference: You have a V-shaped morphology.

Here is a video that you can view in order to have more details on the steps. You will also find advice relating to each morphology:

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